1- Oil drilling
ALBATTAL offers quality products and technical support serving the oil drilling industry.

In the process of oil drilling, PAC occupies an important position in oil field chemical agents required for drilling.

Practice has proved that ALBATTAL product is stable in viscosity at higher temperatures and high salts, has high water loss control force, can control the rheology of drilling fluid, and can give full role to its proper performance.

2- Water well drilling
Carbotal WL used in the drilling of artesian water wells on a large scale as it has the characteristics of what makes it suitable in different environments

3- Ceramics
Carbotal GL considered to be  one of the most efficient binders, thickener and stabilizer in glaze operation in ceramics industry. It provides good cohesion and adhesion of the glaze layer to substrate, smooth final surface of the glaze with minimal defects, prevent sedimentation of solid particles and adjust drying time for the tiles.

4- Detergent
It is used for non-phosphate detergent industry.Carbotal DG can be used as an excellent anti-redeposit agent prevents deposition of heavy metal and disperse the dirt that go to water through a washing operation, so they couldnt return again to the surface of fabric that is washed.

5- Welding electrode Industry
Carbotal WD 20 acts as a slippery lubricant, excellent binder, film former, stabilizer, thickener etc. It improves extrusion, imparts better binding, maintain stable viscosity, and resist microorganism growth while used with the flux mixture in manufacturing of welding electrodes.

6- Paper making Industry
Carbotal FX is a purified water soluble polymer derived from naturally occurring cellulose. It is widely used in paper industry as thickener .Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose has good water retention, dispensability and excellent shear thinning resistance


Oil Drilling Grade PAC

Mining Grade CMC

Ceramic Grade CMC

Detergent Grade CMC

Paper Grade CMC

Water Drilling Grade CMC

Welding Electrodes Grade CMC


1- Polyanionic Cellulose

PAC UL   Purified API Grade

PAC L     Purified API Grade

PAC L     Technical API Grade

PAC L     Semi-Purified API Grade

PAC R     Purified API Grade

PAC R     Semi-Purified

2- CarboxyMetyl Cellulose 

CMC LV    Technical API Grade

CMC HV   Semi-purified API Grade